Worst PC Setups Ever. Part 2.

So you have seen part one of our Worst PC Setups ever. I now humbly give you part two of these “setups”


5th Setup and last one can both be fixed, and make awesome setups!

The last one is DUCTTAPED to the wall!

I just want to go there and hire some cleaning people to sort out that mess…

Yeah - some of them are truly disgusting. I dont understand how people live like that.

Same here mate, some just don’t have money for a proper table or chair, that I can understand, I was there, I use to have a round small table and a very uncomfortable chair but the dirty once… they should learn to clean up after themselves and maybe leave and put gaming aside for a few hours

Really not that hard to maintain a clean work environment…

Agreed! My cable management is a mess at the moment, but only the outside of my PC, even that bothers me, gonna take a weekend to sort it out one day

I fixed my cable management after looking back at this topic… I feel better now and can cry less…


Pics or GTFO :wink:

Demmit! Wait… here is a video (sorry for spam)


Love the chair!

Where did you get the Battleburn logo?

Thanks @Timelord_ :slight_smile: it was between a very expensive Ikea chair or a cheaper DXracer chair, the logo was designed by a friend, he took my existing one, added a new font and way better colors, overall I like it but might end up changing my channel name and the logo will change as well, if you would like a logo, let me know and I can try and arrange something for you?