Xbox/Playstation/PC Compatibility?

Has there been any confirmation on what will be compatible when it comes to this game?

P.S. I mean network wise, as in could a PC player play with an XBOX player.

P.P.S Sorry if I seem condescending

Not condesending at all. There has been nothing hinted that they will allow cross platform play

That would be actually very cool, I think

As I said in another thread, no developer will be keen to do x-platform in an FPS game since Mouse & Keyboard precision will slaughter Controller users.

When all players are restricted to the same input methods then the playing field is levelled. ie, Rocket league

Don’t get me wrong, it would be cool, but unlikely for this game I think :slight_smile:

Off topic a bit - but @SkankwOn , do you play Rocket Leage?

Oh yeah, most gaming nights are filled with BF4 and RL these days. My #SteamPileOfShame will just have to wait a bit longer. :slight_smile:

Is it just me or is Battlefield 4 becoming a little more active these last few weeks? less players on it?

This has been an ongoing question for many FPS games. My answer: I doubt it. Most of the time PC map sizes are twice the size/players of what the consoles can even handle! As @SkankwOn mentioned, the mouse and keyboard have a major advantage. That said, I know a guy who OWNS on PC whilst playing FPS with a controller. This is a cool idea, but technology wise, we are not quite there. :oops:

I noticed that too. Tried to jump on my favourite 64 player server last night (prime time), and it was only %50 full. I normally have to wait in a queue.

I too doubt that this would be implemented. The only fully cross platform game that I know of right now is Rocket League, and that is a relativly “simple” game when compared with the Battlefield series.

Ours still fills up daily (disclaimer - If you’re reading any of my posts between the hours of 23:20 and 09:30 BST … the server might be empty) :X

BST - that explains why everytime I check it out it is a ghost town…

You’re about 6-8 hours behind me then?

Yeah - I am living in EST.