Your favorite Weapon?

Hey Guys! What’s your favorite weapon in Battlefield 4?
My favorite weapon in Battlefield 4 is M416! This weapon is so awesome in my opinion! :slight_smile:

My weapon setup:

  • Coyote
  • Tri Beam Laser
  • Standart Barrel
  • Angled Grip

Camo: Reed Adaptive

DAO12. Hands down. People call me a shottie n00b, however I dont mind that as I blast them in the face! :wink:

a tank with a competent driver, every time

Really depends what class I’m running at,i play mostly as Engineer and love my AK-5C.

So you like to be the gunner?? I hate it, but then I guess, it really would depend on the part about a competent driver

CZ-3A1, kobra rds, angled grip, silencer. Nearly 10000 kills. Next its a toss up between the famas or the mpx. I use mainly kobra rds on most weapons but i am keen on iron sights.

Is that a typo? 10k kills?

I am a shotgun whore! DAO-12

Yeah nearly, in fact, it may be higher now

Damn, this 4XP thing is allowing me to max out a lot of my weapons now!

I luv the ACW-R and the M416. But as secondary weapon the .44 magnum.

I love the SG553

RFB. Yeah … what? :stuck_out_tongue:


  • 40x scope
    -x14 zoom
    my best and favorite choice for long range and powerhouse. as a recon of course.

40x scope? I smeel sniper scum!

:wink: Just kidding

wellp you arent wrong XD. i love sniping in battlefield 4. it feels so rewarding and relaxing hahaha.

[Iron Sights]
[Green Laser]
[Heavy Barrel]
[Potato Grip]
(DICE LA Character Camo)

Gol magnum with X8 scope, laser sight, .44 magnum secondary, C4 and motion ball, can’t seem to play enough like that, I also keep moving and PTFO in this load out
M416 is a awesome assault rifle, reloads very quickly even if you shot out the last bullet, big medic bag, revive flappers and a deagle, I seem to not enjoy the support class anymore, but the engineer is useful for vehicles, I keep my SMAW handy for vehicles

Ah the Deagle defo my favourite 2nd gun.

It’s such a lovely pistol the Deagle, the G18 is like a LMG and you just shoot in a general direction, but the Deagle with less bullets is so satisfying when fragging a player, especially if it’s a headshot

The M98B Sniper Rifle!

-Rifle Scope (8X)
-Variable Zoom (14X)
-Flash Hider
-Straight Pull