Your impressions so far?

I think it looks absoloutely outstanding!

Really looking forward to seeing some more gameplay on different maps. Really excited for this!

You are in the right place. The community here is awesome, and we post things as soon as we find them

The game looks great, the guns are historical accurate as far as design, (From this point on is only gathered from the gameplay reveal and i understand that the reveal was not even in alpha stages yet) but the game loses its ww1 feel when there are more people with semi auto and full auto rifles running around than bolt actions. before you look away, i am not going to give you a problem and say fix it, i want to help, heres an idea. One simple and easily done way to fix this and restore the ww1 atmosphere is to make bolt action available to all classes like carbines and DMR’s in bf4. Maybe you can leave off the high powered scopes so that the recon still has a point in being. This way people can play how ever they wont and still aid the team with there set rolls. Image a role play server. If only the scouts have bolt actions, then your looking at an army of scouts and little to no medical support. Look, Bolt action have always been a sniper only weapon in battlefield games, but this is the dawn of the modern warfare, and that fact just was simple not the case in this time period, bolt actions were standard issue. The weapons you made were in the time period and props for all the research, but nothing says ww1 like a a crowd of soldiers holding bolt actions.

Again this is a comment that is based of lack of knowledge, i am ignorant to the rest of your game, and i trust that you and the rest of the team have thought this problem through. But in the end, props for taking a chance and bring us back in time once more

Thanks for the feedback man.

keep it up and we are looking at a great ww1 shooter.

Thats the truth!

Again thanks for listening

I agree with you. I am a huge history buff and WW I fanatic, and seeing all of the semi autos and full auto weapons is a little disappointing. The game play looked awesome though and I really like all of the other features they added. I was really hoping for more bolt action usage. I think it would be fun if 75% of the players had bolt actions and needed to relearn Battlefield by mastering their accuracy to win 1 on 1 in close quarters shoot outs. It would take a little more skill, but would really give the players a more fun and historically correct image of what WWI combat was like. Spraying and praying point blank with an MP-18 is boring, but taking a shot at someone up close and both of you miss, then charging each other with melee weapons and/or bayonets sounds awesome. The bolt actions would take more skill to master, but the close quarter fights would come down to bayonets and trench clubs just like in the real war. DICE made a big deal about melee combat, but its hard to have melee combat when everyone is hosing each other down with automatic weapons lol. The LMGs don’t bother me, but the SMGs and Assault class in general already looks overpowered.

I can see that, but i don’t think Dice should limit everyone. At the end of the day, this is a business. So the more people that play, the more the company prospers. So limiting the play style would limit the people who want to buy, thats why i only suggested making bolt actions the new DMRs so that their open to everyone. While i don’t like the people you want a ww1 game but they want it to be like the modern shooters we have now. i do agree that offering a wide variety of full auto weapons was the wisest business opportunity and it offers more to a larger variety of players. I am not calling anyone greedy, I love what they have done with the game. Its just, most of the time us gamers forget the actual business side exists. but as far as melee combat, you have a point, what is the point of a bayonet charge if the entire enemy team as assault rifles (Levelcap’s new video discusses that the medic has semi auto rifles with the ability of full auto fire) it just kind of defeats the purpose, the melee trailer showed a machine gunner having to reload and thats when he gets killed with a club, but how often have you been that close and survived a rapid firing and maneuverable enemy.

Experimental rifles are cool and all, but at lest give every soldier the choice to use what was standard issue.

The way I see it, there is a competitive and social or ‘playing for the fun of it’ to Battlefield games, DICE did give Hardline much less weapons and people did not like it, I think a majority of people would of wanted assault rifles, which I think is good that they added it, sure it was not during world war 1 and some are from 1918 but adding a more of a variety of weapons and sacrificing much less attachments is pretty cool

And thats a great point, it adds to the game play, but it still would benefit everyone to have the choice between experimental and standard issue. i’m not saying, “Destroy all semis” just saying give people the opportunity and see what happens.

I think this game looks and plays amazing even in Pre-Alpha I can’t wait to play it on PC. Since I knew it was gonna be WW1 I have been watching documentaries and movies of the war.

The bolt actions are going to be really tough to master due to the reload time, but I bet they are going to pack a punch. As in one shot one kill.

I would like to see the “experimental” stuff be controlled by a server side setting. So you can either play on an experimental server, or a “true” server

LOL me too. I started checking Netflix and Youtube for WWI documentaries just so I know what I am getting into

Bolt actions from this time period could be quickly loaded with a stripper clip that stripped the rounds off into the internal box magazine of the rifle. This animation can be seen in the gameplay footage of the sniper rifle and the semi autos. As far as rate of fire, these rifles can be fired very quickly in the right hands. In the beginning of the war, German troops thought they were taking heavy machine gun fire, but in reality it was well trained British troops firing their Lee-Enfield rifles. DICE could easily bump the rate of fire up for the bolt actions to improve the gameplay and their usability so they feel more like a semi auto that has a rate of fire cap. I hope they let the bolt actions be like the DMRs or Carbines in BF4 and are available to every class.