YouTube content creators

Hello friends,

Quick question for all the video editors and YT content creators, what recording software do you use? What is your render settings and do you upload videos in 4K60FPS or only 1080p60FPS?

Sorry man - I am just learning this stuff myself.

No worries mate :slight_smile:

I found something interesting tho, 3860 X 2160 is actually UHD (ultra High Definition) Something new I have learned
then there is the monster, 4096 X 2160… I did a render for a video in that resolution, 203 GB of space that monster of a video took on my hard drive, but don’t worry I killed it with fire

I am having trouble with Lagarith lossless video codec and DXtory, videos recording FPS rate (not in game FPS) goes down to 40FPS and BF4 it’s so choppy and lags a ton, don’t know if I setup it incorrectly