Hello everyone,

Just want to find out something real quick regarding YouTube.

If I want to post a video on this forum and show my Battlefield video to everyone on here by starting a new topic (something like Blackburn’s BF videos), is that allowed?

Why I ask is, today every Tom, Dick and Harry can start a YouTube channel and create videos of gaming as there is free ways of recording PC gaming (OBS, Shadowplay or Raptr) so I guess I just want my channel to get more views and try and get more subs without spamming, rather advertising

I joined a few Facebook groups for YouTube content and liked a view gaming related pages to post it there but it does not seem to work as everyone is doing it, haha, so I thought let me ask here as well, just don’t want to brake the forum rules.

Anyway, here is 1 of my montages and a teamtage (second one is the teamtage)


Thanks Koji :slight_smile:

No objections from me as long as it relates to Battlefield.

Awesome! Will keep it all Battlefield related videos, will not be posting my other videos, thanks a mil, appreciated. Will just keep posting my videos on this topic

One of my favorite videos is I, Soldier

It was when I was busy trying to unlock all weapon parts for the weapons I have currently available and did record some Battlefield 4 moments, not a very good thumbnail will try to change it in the future

Hardcore anyone?

There is a sword

I mentioned this forum on the video with a link to here, hope it’s okay that I did that, don’t have much subs but it is growing, currently standing at 86 (at the time of posting this) and also a link to this forum in the description

I imagine advertising of this site alongside appropriate content will be fine and helpful in spreading the word. :smiley:

What @SkankwOn said!

Awesome! Thank you :smiley:

@Timelord_ splashbagging is in this video