Youtuber NDA's Lifting Tomorrow more BF5 Info!

According to DannyonPC and Xfactoring gaming they have NDA’s that are lifting tomorrow which means they will be able to reveal more information. They didn’t specify on what game but they hinted at Battlefield. #hype

You have a source for the tweet? I thought the NDA stuff was for the new Mirrors Edge game

Just checked his feed, and couldnt see anything

Who Danny? It was in a DM, he was hinting at Battlefield and WDA Punisher said that twitter would explode tomorrow. Also DICE just sent out invites to the BF reveal and some people replied saying can’t wait until the NDA is gone.

Yeah - I checked Danny, but nothing. How do you know that invites are going out?


God damn…


I know right, get pumped for tomorrow!

Two Fridays in a row with Battlefield stuff. The we have the May 6th announcement… Is Friday the new Tuesday?


I know what you mean!

Things are about to get real

Confirmed for next Friday (May 6th).

Battlefield 5 are also planned. Find out here the first details of the new first-person shooter from DICE!

The next Battlefield comes. So much we can you already tell at this point! For May 6 publisher Electronic Arts invites selected media representatives to Berlin to present the new first person shooter game developer DICE first. PC Games will be represented, of course, and you keep at this point with all the information up to date. published that Electronic Arts as part of the event a first trailer for Battlefield 5, is already confirmed. Keep most of our topics page for Battlefield 5 in mind. For there all the news converge around the first-person shooter.

After the event at 22 o’clock first live streams are planned to Twitch, Battlefield 5 present the public. Our impressions of the new first-person shooter will be as soon as possible publish it here. This confirms recent rumors that Battlefield 5 on May 6 unveiled. That Electronic Arts releases a new Battlefield offshoot this year, the company already announced in July, 2015.

The then confirmation was made in conjunction with the release of quarterly results from Electronic Arts. Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen made to investors of the company announced that it einplane a first-person shooter for each year. While Star Wars: Battlefront referred those titles this year, 2016 was another Battlefield turn. Further details are not yet known. On May 6, we learn definitely about the venue of Batllefield 5. Recently, there was speculation about the First World War as a setting. Whether the next Battlefield actually the number 5 in its name, we learn at the event with security also."


How can I apply for an invitation to this livestream please?!

Livestream is for the public. You only need the invite for the “preview” event before the livestream

Cool, Fridays are my regular day off so I hope Friday is the new Tuesday! I look forward to the news then.

Then you are in for a treat. EA/DICE seems to have changed up the pattern of new releases to get them out the door before they head to the pub on Friday evening

We know the EXACT time of the Battlefield 5 release

2143 here we come :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: