Aerial and Tank Combat in Battlefield 1

How do you guys think the new planes and tanks will play out and control in BF1?

I think players will have to “Calculate” the way they shoot with the tanks. And well, we are talking about WW1, planes will be VERY hard to fly (Thats what I think)

The tanks will be slow, but heavily armored. I really hope they play similar to the Battlefield 2142 Northern Strike A3 Goliath!

Goliath Demonstrated Here

Planes will be fast, but weak. Encouraged to fight other air / recon targets, not so much ground support.

Yeah, i think the tanks are going to a lot more involved this time around, but i do think that the planes will control the same way as jets are now in BF4, but with reduced speed and more maneuverability.

I would probably like that more, it is very annoying when jets strafe infantry in BF4. It would be nice to move away from that. Do you think that there should be a completely seperate gamemode for aerial dogfighting with planes, similiar to like air superiority from BF4?

More sensitive the planes should be when piloting it

I think there is going to be a steep learning curve. All of the current Battlefield players are used to fighting modern jets, with afterburners, etc. News Flash - there were no afterburners or rockets in 1914

Tanks are going to be very interesting, as they were sessentially tanks 1.0. First time tanks had been used in Warfare, so I doubt they are going to be as well armoured as we are used to in BF4. With that being said, the weapons to destroy tanks were primitive at best/