Agents of Mayhem - A Clan for Mature Gamers [XBOX]

Whether you spend your days working, studying, or taking care of the kids, we got you covered! We are a clan which understands life comes with other responsibilities and gaming is a luxury.

While we are currently over 80 members strong, with members playing everything from Minecraft, to Overwatch and Battlefield. We hold a high standard of maturity and pride ourselves on it; we have people from all walks of life that share an insatiable passion for games and gaming.

We are currently holding open recruitment so check us out!

You can apply here(just so we learn a little bit about you as we welcome you to our little community):

Or check us out on our Discord chat server here:

  • Adam aka KN1GHTMARE

Nice clan! We will be starting up our own one here, once we get a little closer to retail launch. Obvious;y focused on Battlefield 1

Awesome! Hope my post wasnt a violation or anything like that.