All you need to know about Battlefield 1 Servers

Following the Battlefield™ 1 launch, we will start rolling out a Rent-a-Server Program that will allow players to set up their own private and public Battlefield 1 servers, with control of different gameplay options to map rotations. Thanks to these customization options, you’ll be able to create games that suit the play style for you and your friends.

Starting close after launch, you will be able to rent a server through the in-game store of Battlefield 1. In the past, servers were handled by third-party companies – now, EA is providing them directly. We think this will benefit you in several ways. First off, we will be able to secure the quality of the actual hardware. Since the servers come from the same provider, it will give everyone the same uniform experience. Furthermore, if you have questions or need help, you will be able to reach out to EA Support directly instead of third party support.

On a rented server, players will be able to customize gameplay aspects like server name, map rotation, game mode, various game play settings, and more. We might restrict number of game modes available at launch and gradually enable them based on feedback and other circumstances, but you can expect that we’ll keep adding customization options and UI design throughout 2016.

Expect to hear more about it as we approach the release of the Rent-a-Server program. We can’t wait to see you on the battlefield!

Very interesting that third party server suppliers are no longer involved…

Because EA support is sooo great… This is going to be a massive pain in the ass… Guys like Fragnet offered affordable and reliable Battlefield 4 servers to rent, if I had any problems, support was quick to reply and got the problem fixed very quickly, I only once had a problem, I didn’t know how to change the map of the server or change the type of game

EA is doing what they do best, money whoring

This is why I (and 50+ clan friends) won’t be buying BF1.

I’ve played every instalment of BF from the start and have enjoyed helping to run a very popular BF server over the last 10+ years. Now they’ve taken away our ability to admin a pleasant, toxic-free server. We can’t even kick/ban at launch, wth is that all about, as well as no news on Hardcode mode (no kill-cam,health-regen type nonsense existed in ‘classic’ Battlefield games). Yeah, good luck getting support from EA for server problems too, because we all know how good EA support isn’t. Then they have the cheek to charge PC gamers 33% more than console for a watered down experience.

IMO - EA kicked PC BF players right in the balls on this one. Still enjoying BF4 anyway, EA went and did a SWBF on us, the game will be near dead on PC in a years time.


BTW - I actually enjoyed the BF1 beta, but for the prices they’re charging for the ‘full experience’ as well as this shambles over the servers, I’m dipping out now. GG GL HF

Lots of that sentiment going around. EA support has a notoriously bad reputation (outsourced?). Going to be real interesting to see how they handle this.

I agree. The price to go “all in” with Battlefield 1 is ludicrous. $179 CAD for the game +DLC. Sorry mate - dont think so. I am not going to full out condemn the EA only hosting until I hear more about what tools it will ship with to manage the server. But I agree, no kick/ban at launch is a disgrace. Once of the core components to managing a server.