Apology to DICE an EA

Dear, EA and Dice for whom it may concern, I’m a schizophrenic and I want to apologize for my actions. I just had an episode over and I made a post about the beta dog tag on EvilMidgetKiid. After I snapped out of it realized that I just made a mess and mistake. My alternate personality took over before I could control it. My email shows me what just happened and that’s how I figured out that I was causing problems on here. But I apologize community, I only know that a dog tag was my issue. I couldn’t sign in on my account to apologize so I used this one. I don’t have knowledge to what I said exactly but please dismiss it. I’m sorry again. Please don’t take anything I said seriously. I didn’t mean it, I’m struggling with my condition and it’s hard to own up to what ive done when I don’t remember or know I’m doing it. I’m currently working on my heatlh with a doctor. And trying to stay stable enough to attend collage soon. I’m sorry my condition got the best of me and please for give me. I’m sure whatever issue I made, it didn’t make sense. Sorry community. But if anyone can tell me what I said or did so I can bring the personality up with my doctor please and thank you. I am embarrassed.
My name is Joey and thank you for your time please accept my apology. I need to work on my personality control. I have 3. Including the part of me that’s supposed to be really me. My doctor tell me to make sure I nice and to make sure people understand me so they don’t get mad. So if ive done anything against you please come tell me and id like to apologize.

I understand if people want nothing to d with me now, again i’m sorry I wont be on here anymore.

Hate to mention this, but this is not the new Battlelog, there is no DICE or EA employee’s on this forum, this forum was created by an individual/s (I’m not really sure myself) who has a passion for the Battlefield franchise and tried to bring like minded people together discussing all things Battlefield related and here you can also make some new friends, it’s a great forum, I hang out here (a lot) because of the friendly community

No worries mate, happy to have you as part of the community