Bad Company 3

When does you think we’re going to see another Bad Company game? I mean what is it six or seven years and saw the last game? Battlefield 5 or Bad Company 3?

I’m most definitely looking forward to a Bad Company 3!!! With strong hopes they can capture that real feel BC2 with amazing rush maps!! Please Dice don’t forget about us BC fans!!!

Well - here is the million dollar question. Are we actually going to see a Battlefield Bad Company 3?

lol A million dollar question indeed!
I sure hope so!!

With all of the rumours of Battlefield 5 going to WWI I think the chances of us seeing BFBC3 anytime soon are pretty slim

I agree. Also I’d rather the Dice team keep the focus on one project at a time so that they can put out the best possible product. It would definitely be nice to have a new installation of Bad Company. If and when they do BC3 is there any maps that people would love to see again from the BC2 lineup? Port Valdez was a good one. How about any of the Vietnam maps?

Was DICE responsible for all of the Bad Company games? It looks like EA has taken the COD approach and is sharing the workload among a coupld of development teams.

Wasnt it a different team that did Hardline, than did BF4.

So DICE did BF4 - other team did Hardline, DICE does BF5, other team does BF6 etc. That way they can keep up with COD and oush out a game every 12-18 months.

I would prefare Battlefield Bad Company 3! The Bad Company series is so awesome!

Youhave inspirsed me so much, that I am now downloading Bad Comany 2 again. You are right, it was a pretty amazing game

Completely fell in love with the Bad Company titles. Bad Company was my first Battlefield game and even my first online experience, complete class but by the time BFBC3 is released ill be drawing my pension,such a shame.

@NFN1X Are you trying to tell me what you did not play Battlefield 1942? Do your self a favour and find it in the bargain bin. I know it is going to be showing it’s age now, but hot damn that was a good game.

While you are at it check out the Desert Combat mod too.

And Gold Rush on Bad Company 1 & 2 was near on perfect!

I didnt actually play Bad Company 1. Is it worth tracking down and playing?

100% if the servers are still running but there might not be many players in them.

I really don’t think that is a good idea. I rather have games that take alot to develop and polish than anual games like COD which is basically just coping and pasting the same game with just a few changes in the asthetics.

For example fallout 4. Fallout 3 was amazing and it was released on 2008, and Bethesda started to work with fallout 4 a few years after and look at it now. It’s a great game and that is to the development hell cycle it had. Almost a decade making that game.

I agree. Battlefield is the pinnacle of MP games today due to the fact that historically it has been allowed to be developed properly (I was one of the people who had no issues on launch day).

Everyone should take a step back and look at how Blizzard develops games. They usually dont release games until they are “done”

Exactly. I rather have a game properly finished than a piece of shit

I kinda see how things get pushed out the door. We have to remember that at the end of the day EA/DICE are businesses thaty have to answer to shareholders. If they announce a release date, they HAVE to meet the release date or the stock has the potential to nosedive, especially if it is a AAA title.

So, with that being said, dont announce release dates until you are %100 sure that the games is polished (which means, for a multiplayer game such as Battlefield) you make that announcement after a lengthy public beta where the general public has had a chance to stress test your backend.

I would love nothing more than Bad Company 3. But to this day DICE still admits they can’t fully figure out why people loved it so much. It was almost an accidental success. It’s hard to learn from what they felt was accidental success.

Best maps ever designed in battlefield.

Best storyline and writing ever done…and the story is unfinished.

Best RUSH mode ever made in Battlefield. Different ways to win including arming the mcom and destroying it with explosives.

Game was more balanced as there really wasn’t an advantage one team over the other (part of map design).

There wasn’t a gazillion weapons with a gazillion upgrades. I never understand why the obsession with so many weapons.

Meaningful destruction. Levolution is just there to look pretty.

Hit the nail right on the head there i couldn’t of said it better myself! On the flip side i hope there saying it so we think there not working on it but actually are.