Batlefield 1 Virtual Photography

I came across this artists work on Twitter, and after securing his permission, I present to you some of the best #battlfield screenshots or wallpapers I have seen yet.

Wonder if we should have a “best” of thread where people like @cashplaybf @Wesley_White post the best wallpapers in a poll, and we all vote.

Perhaps even for a small prize (Paypal?)

Here is the link to the authors Flickr accounts so you can see more of his photography.

BFV Summer | Flickr

Battlefield 1 | Flickr

Battlefield V Pacific | Flickr

Battlefield V RTXOn | Flickr

Excellent work! Is the author a member of the forum here? Would love to talk technique.

Hey! Thanks for sharing my work, glad you all like it! i capture shots pretty regularly and they are normally posted on flickr/twitter and my Instagram :+1:

Welcome to the community! Can you tell us a bit about your workflow?

How do you go from concept, staging the image, to taking the shot to actually editing the picture?

These were just really “spur of the moment” captures tbh, for editing i use lightroom to dehaze - clarity then a edit the shadows slightly to make it a little more “lifelike” as possible

If you had to guess, how long do you think it takes you to create each individual image?

The one’s with custom poses can take 30 mins + but for landscape shots like these i tend to only spend 5-10 mins to make sure the lighting is how i want it etc

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Million dollar question. How do you adjust the lighting?

i use cinetools from @Hattiwatt1 :+1:

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@Carpo_Sco from start to finish, how long does it take you to create a single image?

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