Battlefield 1 1080P HD Wallpaper

This looks amazing!

I LOVE this meme! We need more of it around here!

I’ll work on dat @Timelord_ :wink:

OH YEAH! Guess I will have to drop some of my fav memes in here too!

@Mr_JimWest where you been man?


ShadowSix, a popular game graphic photographer, took some EXTREMELY GOOD screenshots of the game, I have a slideshow of all of them as my wallpaper.

Here’s some small examples from the huge catalog of screenshots:






The full album can be found here.

Got some more of them here.

Shadowsix and Berdu always shows off the beauty of the frostbite engine

Two of the more talented members of the community. That is for sure.

Played against Shadowsix once, seems like a very nice guy, very relaxed

YEah - I am not surprised. Have to be a pretty mellow guy to put the amount of time he has put into his videos/pics… Or is it just pics?

I think it’s just pics? But I could be wrong, he uses the cinematic tools like a pro… I look like a noob compared to him

Wonder how long guys like him and Berdu put into creating some of their images. Now what we have a speed artist on the forum (pading @Daphnebs ), perhaps she can shed some light…

I think it does take some time but they already figured everything out so it’s easy for them to create a new one, like you said speed artists :slight_smile:

Yeah - I have tweeted Berdu to ask, but no response.

The ones I made so far took me about 1 or 1,5 hours each to create. I create on the spot when I’m recording. The only thing I do before I start is look for pictures which I can possibly use to create a new composition with. And then I start.

Any chance you would be willing to share the ones you made?