Battlefield 1 Alpha - Cheaters

Looks like there are already cheats/hacks available for the battlefield 1 alpha

FFS… hackers literally kills the game, I can’t see the point in hacking, last time I hacked it was was not even called hacking, it was known as cheat codes and it was on PlayStation 1, I did not have a advantage over other players and would only use it after completing the game, or make the game funny (like Tony Hawk’s pro skater big head cheat)

Yeah - I am in the same boat as you. I dont get the point of it. Some people actually buy these hacking tools, spending real money.

Last time I “hacked” a game was on NES using the Game Genie. Anyone remember that?

@Bazaar check this out and get a head start. Our main server admin at BoB has probably caught more cheats than I’ve had hot dinners.

Does @Bazaar find them manually, or use some kinda script?

He checks through hundreds of server side screen shots per week (I think he enjoys it) as well as using detection tools.

Wow - now that is dedication