Battlefield 1 Battlog

This is concept art, but pretty good nontheless. What do you think?


very good. i like it.

Wait till players learn that British soldiers had to remove their helmets, flip it upside down and serve it forward with stretched arms, so the soup dispenser personnel could dump a ladle full of food into their makeshift bowl (helmet).

As long as skill is no longer the biggest number on there I’m fine with it…lol

Soup helmets…that sucks…haha…


Your reaction is the same as many others. The British helmet had a huge brim that fit neatly and securely into the lap without the worry of spillage.

As for Battle packs, they should include extra rations of caffeinated tea, because that was the most in demand item, until the years went by later.

You’re quite the historian are you? Lol

Don’t count on 1:1 historic accuracy in this game, it’s a game after all.

oh, I know, that’s why I loggin plenty of hours of beta testing for a good first few days, before it gets nerfed because of the whiners by the end of the second half of the week. lol

I think they’ll try to be as accurate as possible but gameplay will always come first.

yep, customer cash is king in the commerce market. lol I think they’ll do a good job, since the reality of slow paced WWI will be on par with gaming that is liked by the majority of gamers.

WTF, really?

I think they have to do something to keep the “twitch” type players interested, so I think it will be faster than most people think

Via empirical observation. Unwritten law. Never read it anywhere that an officer admitting to such acts. But, there is one movie that chronologically shows it. Can’t remember the name.

[SIZE=5]In recent times, [/SIZE]I’ve read in a Canadian newspaper in the 1990s, soldiers wanted to poison their officers. Her Majesty’s military system is two tiered: commissioned officers and non-commissioned, within her entire commonwealth (Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc). The non-commissioned believed their officer(s) in Bosnia wanted to have them killed as peacekeepers, which was a great way to turn the local civil war into an international conflict; thus, being allowed to have tanks, heavy weapons and unlimited ammo. Anyways, as the article reads, the soldiers added some sort of chemical to their officer’s beverage. The particular article stated that chemical was shoe polish. The only other time I’ve heard of shoe polish being used in the Bosnian civil war occurred when locals (Serbs) would use used shoe polish rages to start a house fire. If I spoke with Bosnian Croats or Bosnian Muslim Bosniaks (sic) I’m sure they would have used something similar when they set house on fire. At times I wondered if intel placed this military article for reaction from their own troops post-peacekeeping tour. Hmmmm.

While I am on Bosnia, [/SIZE]
I might as well share a war story. I was reading a UK newspaper online, and was troubled reading the first half of the article how local Serb residents in eastern Bosnia set a house on fire with local Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims) inside, including a woman or women (can’t remember exactly). If they attempt to escape the inferno they would have been shot. That was troubling to read. As I continued reading the bottom half of the article, the Bosniaks that were rounded up and place into that house to be set on fire, were the guilty residents that rounded up the local Serb police at the beginning of the civil war into a house and set it ablaze. If the cops tried to escape they were shot to death. When friends, relatives and neighbours discovered what happened to their ethnic Serb cops, they did the same to the perps, including the woman or women that was/were accomplices in the first degree massacre.

Whoops, sorry! I replied to the wrong post you made! Yes, their helmets were used as bowls, for real. Taught in first year high school.

it looks nice

I like it, so individuals or clans can own their own server? Reason why I ask is, I have a 10 slot BF4 server and I use it to record cinematic for my videos of montages

Or 1 v 1 my friends

French soldier with a British flag in the background lol

Nice and clean. I don’t like how the Battlepacks look :confused:

LoL, yea those Battlepacks look like a women’s prissy powder compact. o_O

It looks like something me gran would take to church on a Monday morning