Battlefield 1 Cinematic Images

These ingame screenshots were taken by @berduu on twitter. If you like these kind of images, you should follow him. His work is fantastic.

In the meantime, enjoy these beauties.

Yeah I follow Berdu along with as many people working on BF as I could find. :slight_smile:

Excellent imagery.

Any idea what tools he uses to capture/clean these images?

Berdu and ShadowSix (or Shadow6ix) always capture these amazing images of the Battlefield games, not sure what tools they are using but I am going to take a wild guess saying the Hattiwatti tools but FairFight and Punkbuster picks it up as hacks and they might get banned for using Hattiwatti tools… I could be wrong and they use completely different tools

I think they know of a way to disable the arms and rifle (you don’t see your characters arms, hands and rifle) in the console, so their buddies run around or pose for a ‘photo’ I could be wrong

Here is the tool that they use.

This video explains how to use the tool.

@Blackburn Now that you know, let’s see what kinda pics you can come up with

Ah okay, awesome, the owner is Hattiwatti and I call the BF4 cinematic tool the Hattiwatti tools, should of been more specific, lol sorry, here is a few of my own personal pictures which I have uploaded to instagram or YouTube for a thumbnail (some text were added), not nearly as good as Berdu or Shadowsix tho

Oh one thing I forgot to add, if using that tool, there is a very good chance that punkbuster and FairFight might pick it up as hacks, Bedru probably joined a unranked and punkbuster disabled server to make use of the tools in the BF1 alpha, I have my own server for creating cinematic parts of videos or capture these images

Those are pretty nice… The ones with the logos/etc are pretty much unsable, however, the “clean” ones, are very good!

Do you have any BF1 ones?

Yeah - that was mentioned in the "how to " video that I posted above. You dont want to get banned, so ensure you use a server where punkbuster and fairfight is disabled.

Thank you, yes I agree @Timelord_ but I needed thumbnails for the once with text for videos, they are not great tho, could of done a better job with it but still have a lot to learn when comes to ‘photoshooting’ and thumbnails for games
Unfortunately I don’t have the closed alpha for BF1 so I can’t rent a server at this time, but once the game is launched I will cancel my BF4 server to hire a BF1 server, looking forward to go into detail with BF1 and see all of it’s beauty