Battlefield 1 Concept Art

Here are some pretty good renderings of potential Battlefield 1 Concept art. These were posted by @bfbulletin on twitter.

These look stunning, battlefield outdoes itself every year

Also, just think. This is CONCEPT! I cannot wait to see what the real renderings look like.

OMG! They look freaking amazing! Awesome. Lets hope for more pics . . .

Once they have been released, they will be posted here!

This truly looks amazing! Getting more and more excited for this game

I am pretty sure we will see some awesome cinematic done by Hoodoo operator, here is one of his very successful videos for the ones that don’t

I mean they always look good before release.

I will wait for actual reviews before throwing my money at the game. Geenrally BF is much better than CoD and therefore among the best shooters out there, but you never know if they pull another hardline 60$ DLC.

But if its as good as BF2 was, I will be at it for weeks

Good idea @koffingTOX but have you seen Hoodoo’s new video?