Battlefield 1 Confirmed Weapons

If you want an image gallery I’ll link it at the bottom of this post.

Winchester Model 1897 (as well as Harlem Hell fighter edition)
Mauser Gewehr 98 (bolt-action rifle)
Lee-Enfield MK3 (bolt-action rifle)
Carcano M38 Cavalry (bolt-action carbine)
Masuer KAR 98 az (bolt-action carbine)
Beretta M1918 (submachine gun)
MP18 (submachine gun)
Lewis Gun (light machine gun)
Vickers MK1 (medium machine gun)
MG 08/15 (heavy machine gun) this is the one the armored guy was using
Mauser 1918 T-Gewehr (anti-tank rifle) maybe a battle pickup like the railgun in BF4
Model 24 Stielhandgranate (improvised anti-tank grenade)
Luger P08 (semi-auto pistol)
M1911 (semi-auto pistol)
Mauser C96 (semi-auto pistol)

Flamethrower Kleif Model 1916

Melee Weapons:
Trench Shovel
Trench Raiding Club
Jambia (dagger)
Bolo knife


“Confirmed” as in “identified in the trailer”?

I’m expecting to see the Model 11/Auto 5 semiautomatic shotgun at some point…

Yeah it is pretty much confirmed if it’s in the trailer and DICE devs have said some will be in the game

If it is in the trailer it is confirmed. They know the trailer would be super analyzed

I wouldn’t count on it. People tend to overanalyze and stuff might still be changed, even after the beta. We saw that in BF4 as well.

Just to clarify, the Carcano will most likely be the M1891 Cavalry Carbine, for the M38 model was not introduced until the year 1938. Carc91c.jpg

Thanks for the heads up. Love members that know their stuff!

[quote=“Timelord_, post:9, topic:645”]

Thanks for the heads up. Love members that know their stuff!

Yeah I am really looking forward to the game! The only real difference between the M1891 and M38 Carcano Cavalry carbine is the rear sight. On the 1891 model it is adjustable for elevation, whereas the M38 was simplified and the rear sight is just a “block” with a V notch and is not adjustable.

What do you mean adjustable by elevation?

The rear sight is adjustable for varying ranges. Elevation is up and down. So if someone is up close the sight would be put on its lowest setting. If there were troops 500 yards away, the sight could be moved to the 500 yard setting and the rifle would hit to point of aim. The M38 does not feature this and the sight is only set for one range.

In the picture you can see the numbers representing ranges from 300-1000yards. The sight can be moved to anyone of those settings and hit dead on at any range selected.

That is cool as hell!

Yes it is! These rifles were very advanced for their time. Many rifle designs invented around this time are still used today in sporting rifles such as the famous Mauser. The rifles of this time are also very accurate and a joy to shoot. I own and shoot many bolt action rifles from WW I and from this time period and they are very interesting weapons. Looking forward to all the weapons they will include in BF1.

but don’t ya think we are spoiled with the weapons we got now in BF2 -4. all those advanced weapons we got now we have to give up.

I think people will adapt to the game style of using bolt actions. Since they are really focusing on melee, I have the feeling that once people get in close and bolt actions become impractical, the trench knives, shovels, clubs, and bayonets will come out and there will be a lot of hand to hand combat. I hope the hand to hand game play is really fun and not too difficult or too easy. I can just imagine a game of rush and having the attackers storm into the objective with bayonets fixed and all the defenders pull out their melee weapons and start swinging, this seems really cool. I am just worried that the few SMGs and the automatic rifles will be over played and the whole game turns into spraying and praying with Lewis Guns and MP-18s.

Don’t forget the semi automatic shotguns and in general the semiautomatic weapons. There were plenty of those in WW1. DICE will not be 1:1 accurate considering weapon availability. A selection of all different kinds of weapons that existed at that time will be available. But balancing them will be a major challenge. We know DICE already has difficulty with that.

The only semi auto shotguns at the time were the Browning Auto 5 and Remington Model 11, and to my knowledge these were never issued.

I think they were the trench weapon of choice for the US Army…but like I said, DICE already confirmed that entertainment and game play will have priority over historical accuracy.

The pump action 1897 Winchester Trench Gun was the primary shotgun used along with the Winchester Model 12 Trench Gun. These are both pump actions like Model 870 in modern Battelfield games. These guns can be slammed fired though. This means if you hold in the trigger and rack the pump back and forth the gun will continue to fire until empty. Pretty much like an automatic but you have to rack the pump back every shot.