Battlefield 1 - Elite Unit: Cavalry (Guide)


Check out my new video on how to use the Elite Unit: Cavalry it shows you the pros and cons for the class and if you could like the video and give it a thumbs up it would mean a lot to me. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5][right]Thanks, Chaotic Videos[/right][/SIZE]

I’m gonna be honest, your thumbnails look very similar to Jackfrags thumbnails

I’m referring to the text and watermark style in the left bottom corner of the Thumbnails

Nice video, tho

The Thumbnail is similar to his because I used his as a base idea for mine i did use his bottom left corner and I edited it a bit and added some more things such as to the top right and I also dont use the same logo type as he does when I have my CV logo I also added blending and lighting effects but yet it is similar because its based on him thumbnail but transformed a bit.

Nothing wrong with your thumbnail. Easy on the eyes, which is why I suspect JackFrags is like that also

Problem is, people will say he stole the thumbnail from Jackfrags

Not sure why he should care!

Yeah, I know, thought I point it out