Battlefield 1 Fails

Please feel free to add your epic fail videos too! I will be uploading when I’m streaming as rugbymonster17 and my latest montages of fails and thrills! :dizzy_face::sunglasses::rofl: hope you enjoy!
Battlefield 1 Fails Eps.1

I lol’ed when you got promoted, and the squashed by the tank!

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Yeah it’s an epic promotion :rofl::dizzy_face: literally didn’t know what the tanks did if you got run over but soon found out. Was lucky to get the tank kill when it came knocking at my door :flushed:

If I am being honest, I did not watch the whole thing. If you had to nail down the best three-five fails ov ethe video, can you provide some timestamps?

3rd 0.32
2nd 8.21
1st 4.07
Bonus how baby tanks are made 8.00

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Hah! I hate when granades bounceback at you!!

Also, bonus points for the “how tanks are made”

Battlefield 1 fails episode 2 ready and I made it shorter this time :sunglasses:🪖:boom:the footage is epic never the less and third one is in the making :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::flushed::raised_hands:t3:

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Keep the fail videos coming!

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You mean like this one? Battlefield 1 Fails Eps.3

Damn, that was fast! Thanks for sharing.

Pro Tip - if you put the Youtube URL on it’s own line, it wil embed the video directly into your post.

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Yeah I had one in the making already. Got loads more content but this one is being received a lot better than the others. Could be the music or just more clubbing and thubbing.

Let us know when you get it posted.

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You’ve got this one right?

I hope to have another maybe end of this week or definitely next week for sure! :sunglasses::boom:🪖:skull_and_crossbones:

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Episode 4 is out of the gate thanks to new maps :sunglasses::+1::boom:🪖:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::popcorn::movie_camera: