Battlefield 1 HUD screenshot

Brutal quality, but at least we have an idea of what it looks like.

First thing I have noticed is the round minimap, but it is a nice change, the rest of the HUD looks awesome IMO

I am sure it will be tweaked before Battlefield 1 is released to the masses.

If I can make it a bit bigger, the minimap, that would be great or give us the option to set the preferred size like in BF4

Bah who needs minimaps? :stuck_out_tongue:

Or have the minimap on a secondscreen, or iPad. That would be pretty cool

That’s available in BF4 isn’t it? I don’t know because it never worked on our Hardcore server.

I think it is, with the Battlefield 4 app you can join a server, once you reach your PC you will already be in the server, play as a commander or make use of the minimap on your tablet or iPad, don’t know if the app will be returning for BF1, not sure how popular the app is

Commander mode is dead on tablets mate, DICE killed that some months ago. It was the only time I commanded, watching telly with the missus and playing BF4 on the Android. Kind of miss it.

Ah okay, because Battlefield Hardline has the ‘hacker’ instead of the commander to fit the theme

Yeah - it is in Battlefield 4, however it seems to tank the performance of my PC, so it is somthing I rarely use.

What is the hacker? Can you share more info?

@Timelord_ it’s a lot like the commander, but ofc the hacker does not command, it’s cops vs. robbers so DICE did some thinking on this. What the hacker can do is, activate tear gas (I think), camera’s and other traps to cripple the enemy, the hacker can also notify (order) a squad to go there but if I remember correctly he can’t tell you to attack/ defend a objective. The hacker can also give upgrades to a squad, which is a perk upgrade

The hacker does more a support role and helping you win the game rather then BF4 commander role where you give orders to squads and launch Tomahawk missiles to kill half the enemy team fighting for one objective

Sounds interesting, now if only I could find a server that is actually populated I would try it out

I have a server in the UK, usually has people on it (usually full)

Thanks. Bookmarked.

Only a pleasure :slight_smile: