Battlefield 1 - Life in an Airship

This guy is yet another gem in the Battlefield community. Everything he puts out is awesome.

Really enjoyed this mate, would be hairy working in one of those lol, 70% fatality rate of airships, gutsy blokes.

Really? %70 thats insane. Is that due to the lack of defences?

I heard a stat that 70% of airships used in the war were destroyed in active duty, only 30% survived.
Apparently most on them had no parachutes to reduce weight and not give the soldiers an option to bail out early lol, poor buggers.
The airships could easily take bullets but the first sign of a flame and it was big drama, no way id want to be in one of those with ground fire coming upwards.

WTF - no parachutes due to weight??? Count me out.

Must be horrifying death if you think about it, die on the airship or jump and die…

The worst part would be that you would know it is coming… Air ship is in trouble. What are your options? Jump, or wait to hope you survive a brutal crash landing?

I will risk it and wait for the crash landing, tbh, might not make it but don’t want to go out that easy, will aim for the water (or tree)

Or a hill! Hit the top of the hill and try to roll down. Either way. you know that had to be a terrifying experience

Yes, absolutely, but can you imagine you live to tell the tail? What a story it would be!

This is true!