Battlefield 1 lost all my multiplayer progress

So, today I went on BF1 on my ps4, and everything looked normal and then I joined into a game and noticed that the classes were defaulted and then went to change my guns back but then saw my class ranks were all 0 and none of the guns were unlocked…Then I quit the game and the menu had everything at 0 too… Like is this just problems with the network or have I been banned or something… I’m terrified I right nowhad 50 hours in the game… And my kd was 3. Scout was rank 10 and tanker 6… And my scout rank jumped from rank 10 to 8 once a couple days back so what is going on… I still have my warbonds and medals and the kolibri and some other guns are still unlocked, but most not… Can this be fixed!? Pls help

I assume that this issue has been fixed now. Can you confirm?