Battlefield 1 Premium Art Leaked

What do you guys think? Any chance this is legit? Apparently it was sent to @bfbulletin via DM on twitter.

Battlefield_1_Premium_Art_2.jpg Battlefield_1_Premium_Art.jpg


Lots of people are going to be looking through their alpha files to see what goodies they can find

I LIKE IT! :smiley:

Hope it is legit, looks very cool, I just see there is no background added, maybe that will come later?

yeah - probably no time to get that done before they had to get the alpha out the door.

I really like the look of this;

It looks awesome.

Yeah - it is going to be an interesting few weeks. I suspect we will be getting confirmation on a few more things in the coming weeks

BFBulletin isn’t really known for being a credible source of information. But I do believe the pictures are real, but I wouldn’t put my money on that being actually Premium related. Can still be anything.

It’s not known what this may be, but we all know EA like to have a fancy art for their extra content.

[I]Battlefield 3 had this fancy pose of the main coverart character.
Battlefield 4 had the main coverart character with his back to us.

Battlefront’s Season Pass (the equivilent of Premium) had Darth Vader looking at the original art.
So, they look like they aren’t breaking the trend of doing something fancy for the additional content which makes the likeliness of it being premium-related alot higher.

Really? I thought he was one of the more “respected” people out there. What makes you say that he is not respected? I for one think that premium is real, wether or not these pics are legit.

Well done! Not that I needed convincing, but I am pretty sure that we are going to see premium for the one reason is that it is a cash cow.

It depends who you ask. He’s known to take credit for stuff that other people found or published first. Also published a lot of stuff ‘rebranding’ it with BFB watermark, often putting BFB mark over the logo of the original poster…etc…

But everyone should make up his own mind, I don’t take that stuff serious anymore…

Ahh yeah - I remember seeing some of his stuff with a huge logo plastered all over it. The reddit crowd smashed him for it.