Battlefield 1 - Sikh Medic


Is it a medic? Or like an injured soldier? Because he/she have a lot of bandages on the head.

i was looking at the crutches that he might be carrying for another solider

Hmmm, I dont know :confused:

Those are not bandages. It’s a Dastar, a Sikh turban. The man is evidently a British-Indian soldier deployed to the Western Front.

As for the medic; DICE confirmed that you can identify medics in the game because they carry crutches on their back much like this chap here.

I actually saw a sikh soldier during the multiplayer stream, so it looks like that a lot of commonwealth soldiers will have an appearance as skins among the British faction.

Nice! this is awesome

Thanks for info! I appreciate it!

Any chance you have a screencap of where you saw the sikh guy in the livestream?

I’m afraid I’m not very good at these screen cap things. Not sure how to take or upload them.

However, I found the chap I was talking about. It wasn’t the lifestream, but rather on Jackfrag’s footage of it. At 4:46, he turns behind him to see a Sikh soldier, and then turns back to the window.

Nice find man!

My hope for the character nationalities is that we get some kind of customisation in the full game. Within the gameplay I saw that the medic had the turban, and I think the scout had an Australian slouch hat. I personally as a Brit would like to play as a Brit in the UK faction, regardless of what class I pick, and I’m sure that’s the same for Australian players, Sihks and Canadians.

I quite agree. I enjoy playing people of different nationalities, especially within the commonwealth. Seeing as almost all soldiers in the multiplayer wore steel helmets and looked British, and that the Sikh and ANZAC soldiers seemed to be quite rare, I think they must be customisation options. I suspect a Battlefront style system where you can change certain preset appearances for each faction, irrespective of class.

Another clue is the Harlem Hellfighters pre-order pack. Getting that would probably unlock an extra skin exclusive to the American faction, where you can play a black soldier. This might even open up additional options in the future for skins, as WW1 was very diverse - The French Tirraliers, the Foreign Legion, Highland regiments, Hejazi troops for desert maps, the Ottoman ‘Fireman’ Regiment, etc.

I would jump at the opportunity to wear a bearskin, but I expect it won’t be available.

Regarding the hellfighters, it might be better marketing to make African American soldiers available in the base game, and distinguish the hellfighters by their Adrain helmets.

Don’t think it will be in the game, but being a South African, I can hope to see some South Africans in the game

Would I be right in thinking that South African troops would have had very similar kit to Brits and Canadians? In which case it might be an option to wear patches and such.

@TinnedTommy I think you are right mate, I was able to find this photo
I qoute: ‘King George V inspecting members of the South African Native Labour Corps during world war 1’
The date is unknown but it was apparently during world war 1

Those hats look pretty distinctive, I would hope that they are an option. That being said, I daresay in the trenches they’d have worn Brodie helmets, like the ANZACs, Candians and probably the Indians. The New Zealanders had their own hat in a style similar to that and the aussie slouch hats I think, they called them lemon juicers because of the shape given by its creases. I think the Scots had a distinctive cap, but I don’t know what it’s called. I hope the option to customise your soldier is present in the game, though I doubt anyone will boycott because they couldn’t wear a lemon juicer.

The Scots (and Commonwealth Scottish regiments) had two kinds of hats. A beret-style hat known as a Balmoral bonnet (a type of Tam o’ Shanter), and a traditional dress cap known as a Glengarry.

It was the bonnet I was thinking of, cheers.