Battlefield 1 Single Player Trailer

Looks like we are going to get our hands on a single player trailer for Battlefield 1 tomorrow. Who is pumped?


Looks great! I suppose we might get to play as an aerial reconnaissance cameraman instead of the actual fighter pilot similar to how the “Battlefield 3” level made you the gunner in a fighter jet rather than the pilot.

This is the first time I have been excited for the campaign portion of a “Battlefield” game. I had a good experience with the single-player from “Battlefield Hardline”, but I believe that portion of the game was created by Visceral Games rather than DICE.

Yeah - the campaign of single player mode of most Battlefield games have been an afterthought, or at least that is how it feels. With this one, I think it is going to be a little different.

  1. Because we have not battled in World War 1, in as long as I can remember (the game)
  2. The beta was very polished, so I hope the SP gets the same treatment.

Pretty much all the campaigns for Second World War shooters are universally praised online these days, whether they are the old “Call of Duty” games or the original “Medal of Honour” series. Having real history and real battles to draw from can definitely make the single-player feel more impactful to the player, so this First World War setting from “Battlefield 1” could surely offer that same experience.

Though, I do think that much of the praise for those older shooters has been due to the rose tinted glasses worn by gamers who played them when they were very young. Recently to my disappointment, I have played a couple of these so-called renowned campaigns with pretty much boredom throughout due to the incredibly stale action in those famous campaigns.

I still remember playing the Normandy mission on the original Medal of Honor. That was a true “holy crap” gaming moment, and perhaps the most memorable.

Going to be interested to see how Battlefield 1 is remembered in a decade. It is the first AAA title to take a crack at World War 1

I can kind of agree with you that most of the old Call of Duties were boring, like Cod 2, and 3, but some older shooter games still hold up like World At War. I spent literally all summer trying to get that game completed on Veteran, and just about 2 weeks ago, I did it, that was the best feeling in the damn world.

The older (8+ years old_ COD games were all very well done, given the limited resources at the time. The new COD are a joke if you ask me. Which is why i am here, at :wink:

Dude I could not agree more

Enjoy the “like”