Battlefield 1 Storyline

It is a pretty safe bet that the SP of Battlefield 1, will have us playing as the “good” guys. What do you guys think the chances are of us playing as the Axis?

Hmm, I don’t have problem…If I have the chance to drive a Zeppelin, I’ll be happy!

That Zeplin looks pretty epic in the trailer! I think this Battlefield might have a very solid story line, with some characters we can remember for years to come, I really hope this is the case

But a zeppelin is sososososo slow…

It is but it’s a zeplin, the cool factor is there, haha, wonder how the parachute system will work in WW1, or will they even put it in?

I think that’s already been covered. Normal infantry won’t have them, only pilots IIRC.

Ah okay, thanks Skank

Again, i have to defer to @General, he seems to know this stuff inside out.

Where was this covered?

I am totally cool with it if I can play as the Red Baron;)

I’ve just spent the last 30 minutes checking old tweets but can’t find it. I thought I’d seen a dev say so somewhere, now I’m wondering if I confused fan talk with it … so don’t quote me on parachutes, (the use of IIRC was my disclaimer, haha). I’ll keep burrowing though!

Well, the chances that we will be playing as the “Axis” in Battlefield 1 is 0.00%. :slight_smile:

I say the chance is none because the “Axis” Powers, did not exist until around October 1936, well over 20 years after the start of WWI. :wink:

We should in fact call what you describe as the Axis Powers the “Central” Powers.


To continue this interesting post though, I would think, if a single player game mode does exist (which I find annoying they waste time making this vs. concentrating on the true value of the game, multiplayer), then one would hope we could play as numerous different factions!

Like @bullschamp180 said, maybe a flying mission will be with the German Ace, Manfred von Richthofen- a tank mission will be with the French, and an infantry mission with the U.S…so on and so fourth- that would be fun! Less of a story line overall, but many mini-stories. :smiley:

I might be completely wrong about this but you will play as 12 soldiers in the campaign, if this is true, then this would be the biggest campaign in the history of Battlefield games, I like campaigns, but if it’s going to be like a Battlefield 4 drama queen try out style campaign, then I don’t want to play it

I thought he Red Baron was already announced as part of the pre-order stuff? Yup - it was.

The Red Baron Pack is a booster pack available for [I]Battlefield 1[/URL][/I]. It is exclusive to owners of the Early Enlister and Collectors editions of the game from select retailers such as Gamestop in the United States, GAME in the United Kingdom, and [URL=‘’]Origin[/URL].[URL=‘’][1]

The pack is inspired by Manfred von Richthofen, a famous German pilot known as the Red Baron during World War I who is credited with over eighty air combat victories.[2]

[]Exclusive vehicle skin based on the Red Baron’s Triplane for the Fokker Dr.I
[*]Red Baron’s Flyer Pin Emblem


I just got schooled. Literally.

As for the thread, I have to disagree. To get myself up to speed for the Beta this summer, I am going through and replaying the SP from Battlefeild 4 and Bad Company 2, both of which I am enjoying. Again.

I remember hearing rumours about this, however, I cannot find a source, so I didnt post it.

I think I have heard it during the live stream of the Battlefield 1 reveal trailer @Timelord_ but I might of heard wrong, DICE seems to be very good at keeping info BF1 a secret, which is exciting for me and make me look forward to the next trailer or info they make available

Yeah, they have done surprisingly well. We only heard about the name of the game a few hours before the official reveal…

Yes very true, the only thing I did see was the Harlem Hellfigthers cover and I thought it was fake, lol

Some gamestop revealed that early by “accident”