Battlefield 1 System Requirements

Anyone have any thoughts as to what the system requirements are going to be (PC) in order to play at 1080P?

I am guessing it will be very similar to what we had for Battlefront, but who knows.

I reckon you’re probably right there with SW:BF or any PC that’s currently rated as ‘VR ready’ could possibly meet recommended specs.

What are “VR” ready specs? I thought the VR stuff called for a monster video card, which I dont have!

the official Battlefield twitter said DICE will release specs closer to the launch.

think thats goodidea, i’ll bet we have to spend money :smiley:

re: specs

If your going to get a new card, wait for the one that was just announced a couple days ago, for a very low price.

This yet to be released GTX1080 1733MHz 2560CUDA video card is going for $600 brand new:

You can get the yet to be released GTX1070 for $379 brand new, which beats the current top of the line $1000 Titan!
PC Gaming is looking good!

When is the GTX1070 due to be released?

In one month, June 10th, 2016.

see Forbes magazine article:

see PW World article:

GTX 970/R9 390 off the top of my head, but I should add that I’m talking about running the game at high/ultra on 1440p. So many resolutions to condsider these days. :slight_smile:

Anything above 1080P is too much for me right now, as I am rocking a lowly 1080P monitor