Battlefield 1 - The Green Fields of France

Another awesome video from @berdu

This soldier looks a lot like Tom Cruise.

Ah Berdu, the guy who can take a good looking game and make it look even better

he does have mad skills.

I reached out to him on twitter to see if I could interview him, but I didnt hear back

Ah, that’s unfortunate, I think they get messages like that on a daily basis tho

Yeah Berdu is pretty big on YT/Twitter, love his stuff

Yeah - it wouldnt surprise me. i would be happy to do the interview over email, but cannot suggest that as he didnt respond.

Looks like Syndicate.

What is that? A movie?

Tom Cassell, a youtuber.
AKA Syndicate/TheSyndicateProject/ProSyndicate

Still think it look more like Tom Cruise.

Yeah, you’re right about that.

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Very good!

This song better be in the campaign trailer.

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