Battlefield 2042 - what we know

LAUNCH: 22 Oct. PC (Origin, Steam, Epic) Standard : $59.99
Gold Ed.: $89.99
Ultimate Ed.: $109.99
XB1 & PS4 Standard: $59.99 Gold Ed.: $99.99 Ultimate Ed.: $119.99
XBX|S & PS5 Standard: $69.99 Gold Ed.: $99.99 Ultimate Ed.: $119.99

Battlefield 2042 will have a technical playtest in July 2021.



Battlefield 2042 is set to execute a closed Technical Playtest in early July where we’ll collect player feedback and intel from our Player Council, a group of Battlefield veterans we’re working with to provide insight on the game as launch approaches. This will all be done in a closed environment, under NDA.

Currently, we’re planning on showcasing the map Orbital in a 128-player Conquest experience where we’ll be mainly testing matchmaking, party/squad joining, and load times.

The Technical Playtest will give a few players their first chance to experience Battlefield 2042 and test out some of our newest features, including the handful of Specialists available: Mackay, Boris, Falck, and Casper. Testers will also try a variety of the game’s new weapons, Specialties, and vehicles, including the M5A3 and AC42 Assault Rifles, the Ranger, and the return of helicopters and jets with the F-35E Panther and MV38-Condor.

This closed Technical Playtest is intentionally running in a grey box environment to achieve our development goals around server loads, player experience, and rendering performance. The playtest will be different than those we’ve run in the past, and will be a grey box landscape for a few different reasons, like validating our back end systems and matchmaking. This playtest is designed with very specific technical goals and is not a representation of Battlefield 2042 in its current state.

Here are the names of the Battlefield 2042 maps that will be available at launch.


EA Play members will get early access to Battlefield 2042, starting October 15th + 10% discount on their pre-order and monthly member-only benefits.

The Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Edition includes:
Early Access (October 15).
4 New Specialists.
4 Battle Passes.
3 Epic Skin Bundles.
Baku ACB-90 Knife.
Mr. Chompy Weapon Charm.
Landfall Player Card Background.
Old Guard Tag. Digital Artbook + Exclusive Digital Soundtrack.

Battlefield 2042 features a the new “Specialist” system.

“Based on Battlefield’s four classes, Specialists have one unique Specialty and Trait – but the rest of the loadout is fully customizable.”

Here is what the specialists look like

2042 will let you customize weapons, gadgets and vehicles in-battle to tip the scales in your favor.

"Summon a robotic dog built for battl

e, employ a grappling hook or don your very own wingsuit.

2042 gameplay world premiere will take place on June 13th, 2021.

“A new way (game mode) to play Battlefield” will be shown in detail at EA Play Live on July 22nd.

Battlefield 2042 will only support 128 players on XboxSeries X/S, PlayStation 5 and PC. The maps have been specifically designed for this vast scale.

Xbox One and PlayStation®4 supports 64 players. 128 players and massive-scale maps are available on Xbox Series X|S, PC, and PlayStation®5.


Blistered Earth Bundle

Tempest Bundle

Cold Blood Bundle