Battlefield 2042 will NOT have a single player mode

It looks like Battlefield 2042 is %100 multiplayer.

Battlefield 2042 has nixed a traditional single-player campaign, integrating the story into multiplayer battle pass seasons. That overarching narrative will center on Specialists, characters that are new to Battlefield 2042, but fall under familiar classifications, like Support, Engineer, Recon and Assault.

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I actually agree with this. Aside from a few great missions in Battlefield 1, I’ve never felt Battlefield campaigns are that good and ONLY played them to unlock weapons for multiplayer. Battlefield is all about it’s multiplayer experience, and them accepting that and focusing will mean more polish.

I think it’s also a good move.

  1. Download sizes should be smaller, although I bet the game is still 60GB+.

  2. Devs focus ONLY on MP, so the net code should be solid at launch

  3. That being said, I am very curious how they are going to weave a story into the multiplayer narrative.


Hey, any amount of space less than that colossal resource hog called “COD” is fine by me! :rofl:

How much space does the latest version of Call of Dury take on your hard drive?? I heard rumours it is well over 100gb.

On a 1TB. Box, that’s well over 10% of the drive when you take into consideration how much space is needed for the OS

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From what I gather they recently tried to shrink file sizes and stuff, but it’s still over 150 GB and can even be above 200 GB in some cases. It’s obnoxious. With smaller maps, only Warzone having a bigger map than anything Battlefield has, plus having only comparable graphics, there is no reason for Modern Warfare to suck up that much space.