Battlefield 2146

Obviously this is joke, but worth sharing nonetheless.

I have it on good authority that what is being teased is, indeed, Battlefield 1946. DICE is pulling out all the stops to create a detailed, emotional, and gorgeous post-war experience.

Features include

[]Returning to the USA after fighting in Europe
]Marrying your sweetheart (whether or not she has been faithful in your absence is ambiguous - a big dramatic moment!) and moving to the suburbs

[*]Signing onto the GI bill, attending classes, and creating a better life for your family

[*]A QTE experience wherein you yell at your neighbor for trimming your hedges, only to discover that you both served - you become best friends and spent time at the lodge together.

[*]BBQlution - the next logical step in Levolution. This allows you to stage pleasant Hawaiin themed cookouts in your well appointed backyard. Steak? Hot Dogs? Burgers? You decide.

[*]Pleased to announce I have it on good authority that BF1946 will ship with horn support, so you can let your feelings be known as you drive at a comfortable 35 miles per hour in your neighborhood

Couldn’t be more excited. It’s the authentic experience we’ve all been waiting for.

Seriously, though I’m as pumped as y’all are to see what it really is. Should be fun. HUGS N KISSES MISS U ALL.

[To be totally clear in case anyone can’t detect humor - I do not work for EA and have not since 2012. I have no idea what is going to be revealed.]


I wonder if they have fixed a bug/glitch I found

What is the glitch?

There was a glitch that got you on the main server at ea dice that I think the hackers exploited

Just checked it’s been fixed

Good to hear that they are still activly patching servers

If EA came out with Battlefield 1946 then it would have to be sub-titled Battle of Athens!

Nice finf @General

Haha. Battlefield Hardline’s bank robbery scene could be somewhat similar to a 1946 Battle of Athens [without the helicopter], but instead of getting the cash they want the ballot boxes for a correct election ballot count.

I have to admin, the Battlefield guys had me interested when I saw the bank robbery trailer for Hardline, but then after actually playing it, I was like… yeah no thanks

I know what you mean. When I played the final beta, the enjoyment of the game depended on what server, in what part of the world, and what experience of the players were playing it. A group in Argentina played it the best when I was beta testing it. The game makers ruined it for me when they nerfed the shotguns inside the bank, just outside the vault. Shotguns really are that much of a deterrent so why nerf it for a false sense of victory and confidence. But, that’s nanny Europe thinking for you, where populations have governments that think for them, so they can continue their lives like adult children and blame someone or some government for their problems. But, hey, it’s their enterprise, not the consumers. That’s why I beta test, and stick to the servers that have the same, somewhat, philosophy as me when it comes to game tactics ans strategies.

Yeah - sometimes they can over nerf things. Like some of th erocklet leaunchers in the original 1942. If you were in a tank, you were unstoppable

Yeah, WWII shoulded launched rockets were mastered by the Russians, but you better be close, hit the lower side and know your mathematics and timing, or else the tank was unstable without a direct hit by another tank.

Wow - you really know your stuff! Glad to have you as part of this community to keep the rest of us in check! :wink: