Battlefield 4 Dedication

How the heck do you put this many hours into a single game? According to my calculations, that is 193 days or 27 weeks, or just north of six months.


Not much PTFO by the looks of it.

Sorry - what is PTFO?

Playing The F**king Objective :wink:

LOL! We gotta get a game going together. Objectives are key

Playing the objective with my sqaud is my game,i play on xboxone tho i don’t have a pc.

Ah damn! If you were PC player we would ruin people

I have a high play time, somewhere between 1500 1600 hrs, but thats just a couple hrs a night, and maybe the odd half a day when im not work.

Yeah, I am about the same I think. I play in the evenings when the kids go to bed, and MAYBE an hour or so on the weekend.