Battlefield 4 Outbreak Map

Operation Outbreak is a map featured in the Battlefield 4: Community Operations expansion that was released in October 2015.

The map is set in the Harau Valley of Indonesia, where a chemical warfare research facility is located. Monkeys that were being used as test subjects escaped the facility and caused a panic within the valley, and with information of the incident reaching Chinese and American intelligence, PLA and USMC units are deployed to the valley to seize the research.[1]

Operation Outbreak is name of the Community Map Project, with its layout and design based on poll results and feedback gathered from the Battlefield community through the Community Test Environment.

Credit to the author, who you should follow on Twitter, and who also happens to be a member of our forum! @Notashamedgaming

I played a ton of hours on this map, as it was one of my favourites.


With the recent activation of the DICE camo easter egg. I heard from a friend of mine speaking that there will be a few more activated in time leading up to BF6
This map be included with the container. Thanks to Dannyonpc it was deactivated but, with time passing, they may activate it.

What do you mean recent activation? Can you tell us more about that?

What games should we expect more easter eggs to be activated in ? Battlefield 1? BattlefieldV?

So developers can go into the actual Server settings and choose to keep an easter egg active or deactivate it. Ill try to explain better when i speak to my buddy next

So only devs have access to this? What about for people who have rented servers? I am thinking back to the old Battlefield 4 days

Yea, only the developers do. We dont have that access with our own rented servers. Its really hard to explain. Ill shoot my friend a message and ask him how all this kinda thing works. I just know that Battlefield 4 still some easter eggs that havent been activated yet.
Like example, for say, would be the container on community Operations. Or the second keypad in the phantom room

… for say and yes. This is real and taken by me

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Let us know when you hear back from your friend.

What are we looking at here? You are getting me excited

I liked this map back then, but what was the best is the idea of “let the community of our game build a map”. does this ever happened again?

They would need to develop some kinda map modelling tool. I for one would prefer that they spend the dev time on the core game.

That being said, who remembers the Desert Combat mod for the original Battlefield game? Community made and it was awesome.

WHat are we looking at here? Looks like something form 1942?

Just dropping these rare hints lol

The one with the Phantom Bow looks incredibly good!

YOOO! WHat are we looking at here?

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:eyes::eyes::eyes: Interesting isnt it

Kinda looks like something out of the original half life game.