Battlefield 4 Phantom Bow Room 2nd Keypad

Remember that second keypad from the phantom bow room on Hangar-21? Was there ever a true “conclusion” to it or did nobody manage to find a code? Also is anyone still working on finding Easter eggs for bf4? Pretty sure it was official that some Easter eggs hadn’t been solved yet.

No idea what you are referring to, and my googling is failing. Any chance you can provide some background?

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You know the phantom program right? and the elevator…the room you go up to where you get the bow. This was before they just slapped it in a box for everyone to grab. < for reference.

Well in that bow room there’s a second keypad at the back of the room…I was just curious if anyone had figured anything out about it yet or if it’s still a long lost mystery of the Phantom Program.

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Hrmm - to be honest, I did not participate in the phantom program, so I can’t really comment. But I am really interested for sure.