Battlefield 5 Prepare For Future War

Is this image legit? I know it was taken from the LevelCap video, but…

I’m getting settled on the idea of 1944, so I kind of hope not. Especially since the new CoD looks likely to be set in space and is getting negative feedback already because of the proposed setting.

Unless we’re getting TWO new BFs!?

I really hope it is fake… I like future games, but have this urge for a good old world war game, a game in the past, my future game which I will be playing is Titanfall 2 and since Call of Duty is (once again) a future game (this time far future, not near future), I can’t see me playing, I will however buy the game only for the remastered version of Call of Duty Modern Warfare

If the next Battlefield is a future game, I guess I will be playing Battlefield 4 for longer then I expected I would

2142 type looks kewl

Hrmmm, I had not thought of something like that. I can’t see them doing that, as it would divide the userbase, and eat into profits. Not everybody would get both games

I hear ya man. Even though it is a game, there is something more “real” about a game based on facts