Battlefield 5 Reveal Video

So, on the reveal page, there are a lot of interesting nuggets, including this bad boy.

[GALLERY=media, 186]BFHistory_1080p30_h264_Finalv3_NoText (Video Taken From The Official BF2016 Countdown Page!) by Timelord_ posted Apr 29, 2016 at 2:23 PM[/GALLERY]

That bf3 to bf4 drop transition was sick :smiley:

Yeah - some good edits!

Who made that?

It was on the page. Look at the source code and you will find the link to it. We just upped it here as it is way easier

Super impressed with the audio transitions on this. Really hard to do

Was that the whole video? What do you think it is?

That was the whole video. I liked it, really like the editing, but it leaves me wanting more!

Got a vieo on my channel breaking it down and talking about what could be next

looks awesome


So which one if the video? POst the link herE?

Tears in my eyes :’)
Nice video mate

Which video?