Battlefield 5 Wish list

What do you want to see in Battlefield 5.

[]The ability to remove/ignore a server on the Battlelog server list (in the case that I’m banned from that server)
]Tire tracks permanently left behind vehicles
[]Destructable walls
]The LAV not getting stuck on every tiny rock
[]If a small building collapses on a heavy vehicle (like a tank), the tank should be able to survive and move its way out of the rubble
]cough world war II
[*]ability to enable/disable levolution (shanghai is much better with building up)
What are you looking for?

I completely agree about that with Shanghai. More than anything I have faith they’ll produce a good game, but it needs to be balanced and have good netcode at launch. I just want an announcement.

Pretty sure the netcode will just be ported from Battlefield 4. It is well polished now.

We will see an announcement in June.

Doomsday Mode!

Thermals for the Pilots!

A stable launch is a must!

There is no doubt in my mind that the launch will be solid. They screwed up BF4 launch. Hardline is a joke. BF5 will have the infrastructure in place for launch.

Is that a thing? I mean even in real life.

the ability to roll when lying on the ground
better knife mechanics for hand to hand combat

I like the idea of rolling and there is certainly room for improvement on the knife mechanics

i think the rolling would allow more of a chance of surviving, always been a gripe of mine, once your lying down they may as well read you your last rites, and the reason i said about the knife mechanics is i got slaughtered in a knife only death match simply because once you commit to attacking someone, you cant counter the counter, countering the countered counter would be interesting…if that makes sense

Maybe going back to a slashing knife fight when both facing each other would be better than players just waiting to counter who ever commits?

agreed, that would make it a lot fairer, as well as interesting

What do you mean by the mechanics? I loved the counterknifing, however, it was pretty hard to pull off.

From a technical perspective, how do you see this getting implemented?

Is there a lot of that going on? I mean on the public servers? A showdown of sorts where one player waits for another to commit to the slash before he counters?

I can honestly say I’ve never been knifed from the front,as soon as you feel the enemy has a hold just spam the b button (console) counter every time.

In my whole Battlefield 4 career, I think I have only successfully pulled off a counterknife 2-3 times. Wish there was a separate stat for that on Battllog…

i know there is one server where they play knife only death match, i was on it a couple of nights ago, and to be honest it is a lot of fun, only time ive seen actual foot chases in this game, but yeah there are dedicated matches but they are few and far between.

Really think Battlelog wants a revamp for the next bf title too