BATTLEFIELD 6 General discussion

Okay so, im thinking Battlefield 6 is going to be roughly $70 usd for standard edition.

Do you think there are going to be a bunch of different versions again? With the ‘digital uber deluxe’ version, or whatever they are going to call it includes some lame in game unlocks (extra Battlepacks anyone?)

It will most likely be released with limited edition deluxe edition ultimate edition and DICE edition

DICE edition? That’s a new one. Do you have any ‘inside basebal’ knowledge of what is?

Regardless of version type, I hope they learned their lesson with V and won’t mess up the bonuses :expressionless:

Oh man. Don’t get me started on the bonus mechanisms in Battlefield V

Yeaaa, so DICE Edition is hard to get.
Like with BF4 BF1 and BFV. The DICE edition usually comes with some unique item stamped with DICE on it.
The statue from BF1 has DICE with the item number on it. Like 7 of 159

Oh, so the DICE edition of the Battlefield games are not something you can buy? You are essentially gifted it?

Do DICE friends get this edition?

If I open my wallet wide enough, can I get a DICE edition, or is it only for ‘insiders’?