Battlefield 6 has been seen in the wild

Take this with all of the grains of salt, but supposedly these images appeared on a French website that is involved in the games industry.


What do you guys think? Any way that these can be legit?

This image is unfortunately photoshopped, if you look on the right side of the larger image you can see a weird repeating pattern which means whoever photoshopped this image didn’t bother to cover that up. The background is from a Battlefield V cover.

Yeah, after looking at it closer, and examining the pieces you mentioned, I have to agree with you. Hopefully we see something more legit soon.

Have you seen anything more credible?

Three words.

Fake as poop. I really don’t think that they would use the same background as the most recent Battlefield game, to promote Battlefield 6.

You had me at poop. Lol!!!

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