Battlefield 6 Open Discussion & my personal opinions

Whilst we wait for a reveal of Battlefield 6, let me know down below if you’re excited for the next entry into the Battlefield franchise and what you’d like to see DICE/EA do for Battlefield 6. Make it a free to play, Battle royal?:thinking:

Me personally I’d like to see DICE go back to the old formula, whilst I understand times have changed since BF4 & BF3 but here are some of things I’d like to see in the next entry into the franchise.

• Bring back fleshed out proper dlc and expansion packs similar to BF3 & BF4. - I’m happy to pay for dlc like that because I knew at the end of the day it was worth it and I was getting good quality and proper fleshed out content.

• Bring back premium but sell it more like a gold pass that doesn’t affect nor split the player base. - Pay $50 or so and you get a few exclusive skins and some content plus all five future dlc expansion packs at no extra cost).

• Rental / custom servers needs to be there day one & have some offical DICE run 24/7 3200 ticket servers on a map like operation locker as an example have several dedicated servers like that.

• A proper gun smith similar to BF4, where every attachment actually affects how the gun controls and it’s effectiveness and so on.

• Classes (Assault, Engineer, Support & Recon).
• Bring back packs and xp boosters.

• As for a Battle Royal mode, DICE should make it a separate/standalone game to run along side the franchise, to compete against the likes of Warzone, Apex Legends & Fortnight. As for DLC do, battle pass and do live service/seasonal content for Battlefield Battle Royal, live service dlc would make perfect sense for this however with the full game “Battlefield 6” and the traditional multiplayer aspect of it do proper dlc/content like the expansion packs we saw in BF3, 4 & 1.


Quick recap on official things we know thus far that EA has confirmed about Battlefield 6;

• Battlefield 6 will mark a return to all out military warfare. (Similar era to BF3 and BF4).

•Takes full complete advantage of the power and hardware of the next generation of consoles.

• Higher player counts, large scale all out warfare like never before (80-100 / 120 player counts).

• Developed on the next gen frostbite engine “Frosbite 4”.

• More info coming March with the full world wide reveal in spring (May / June), at EA Play 2021 with a deep dive and developer interviews during Geoff Keighley’s Summer of Games Fest for 2021. Release window fall/holiday 2021 (late Oct early Nov).

I don’t think it is going to be a free to play, EA are in the money making business, and remember what happened the last time they tried to make money with microtransactions? It did not go well.

%100 agree here. Stick with what made the Battlefield franchise the awesomeness that it is. I am not suggesting a reboot of 1942, but BC2, BF3 or BF4 were the golden era of the Battlefield games in my opinion.

On that note, what are your thoughts no “Battlefield Premium Pass” or whatever it was called, where you essentially buy all of the DLC content upfront for a small discount?

This, %100. I cannot understand why this was removed. It has to cost EA/DICE a small fortune to keep the servers running for the newer games, but for games like Battlefield 4, I think the majority of the game servers are run by the community who want to host their own games.

XP boosters were awesome, and I would love to see them make a return. They actually bring a little bit of balance to the game for noobs, as they get some %200 boosts to help them level up faster so they are not getting smoked by players who have been around a while and have unlocked the good weappns.

That is super controversial. If they did it as a separate game, it would need to be free, as people are used to NOT paying for Battle Royale games.