Battlefield 6 Trailer Music

Now, we have to be getting REALLY close to the reveal of the Battlefield trailer, as we now know what song will be the ‘soundtrack’ released with the trailer. WHat do you guys think?


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Download link to the file is here.

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Fits & harmonizes well with the modern setting.

Aljoscha ’ AliChristenhusz is a German composer, based in Hamburg.
Sounds Good :slightly_smiling_face:

Call of Duty , The Elder Scrolls and Ghost Recon . His music was used in advertisement films for major brands like UNICEF , BMW , VW , Hyundai and the German Football Association.

Whoah!! Thanks for the background on the tunes! Most welcome information.,

Oh, and welcome to the forum.

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OK - that does it. I am officially hyped for this next Battlefield game.

Makes me want to go install some of the older titles. Looking at you 1942, and Battlefield 4.

So, this was just tweeted.

This is the group that created the song in the first post.