Battlefield 9: Alien Invasion

list of notes for “Battlefield 9: Alien Invasion” game.

you create Factions: Military, Police, SWAT, FBI, CIA, Security Forces, Aliens.

you create any kinds of Weapons.

you create any kinds of Combat Vehicles & Alien Vehicles.

you create any kinds of Maps.

you create any kinds of MP Game Modes.

you create any kinds of Weathers.

you create any numbers of Max Player Bots.

you create Offline Multiplayer, Offline Bots.

you crete Server Browser.

you create Offline Create Own Server.

you create Customizations.

you create Movements.

you create Singleplayer Campaign.

you create Characters.

you create Mods.

you create Soundtracks.

you create Sound Effects of War.

you create Destruction, War, Battle, Siege, Action, Fighting, Shootout.

"Battlefield 9: Alien Invasion.

Release Date: 2027.

Publisher: EA.
Developer: EA DICE.
Mode: Singleplayer, Multiplayer.
Genre: First Person Shooter, Sci fi.
Platforms: PC, PS5, Xbox Series.