Battlefield Hardline has Birthday!

Happy Birthday Battlefield Hardline!

Crazy… Hardline has been released one year ago! o_O

Wow! And it is already in the bargain bin (EA Access). I am guessing that EA is chalking this game up to being a loser…

Yeah, its too bad it wasnt released in better condition. I bought it since it was on sale so cheap and it really is much much better than beta or release.

I love the maps. They really put a lot of detail and cover into them.

@CptainCrunch I have it as part of EA access, however I can never find a server to play on. They are all ghost towns…

@The_Real_4ndy where you been man?

Yeah, I found that out as well. I play on a lot of South American and European servers. But you know it works really well. They kill me, I kill them, and there really arent a lot of crazy deaths.

So Im able to get by.

If this site gets big enough, we should throw together a hardline clan. We would SMASH everyone

This is sad, I like Hardline as it is more infantry focused, there is even a competitive mode, but I must add, shooting down a jet in BF4 with a SMAW is very satisfying, BF4 will always have a special place in my heart, haha

Who is celebrating this :S

Gotta disagree. Hardline is not infantry focused. It is a poorly implemented cops and robbers

Well, there is not much vehicles in Hardline, bullets does damage to all vehicles except the command truck, there is something similar for the little bird but usually gets taken out very quickly as stingers (within the map or in the trunk of a vehicle) is a 1 shot kill

Hardline has no friends

I agree, no friends hehe :confused:

Haha, yea I was playing Battlefield 3 just last week - check out this XBOW footage!!

@Mr_JimWest If you put the youtube URL on its own line on the forum, it will embed it on the site. Like so…

Oh, sorry about that, thanks @Timelord_

No need to apologize, just wanted to give you a tip! Not a scolding!