Battlefield Headshot Contest Competition

Try, try , and try some more till you succeed. Makes me wonder, why the guy who got shot did not move. Surely he would have heard the shots whiz by his head.

Thank for posting the clip, but I am not sure if it is going to qualify, as I dont think any of those shots are over 100m away

At worst delete the clip there, and I send you another Clip that I have at more than 100 Meter ?

Clip has been deleted. I look forward to your next entry.

AnHi everyone, Here I have changed :pray:


Nice shot. I have no idea how you saw him sitting in that tree.

I had him standing next to the house and to my surprise I and 3 at once :joy:


No :pensive:

I got a triple on Conquest on Pacific Storm, but was not recording at the time. That was even better, they were in a boat and I was at the right angle, got all three of them. Sadly that clip doesn’t exist :frowning:

Oh oh oh Love this one ! GG

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Here is my 910m headshot on Wake Island

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Here is my contribution, the round had just started, he jumped in a car from his spawn, and I took the shot :slight_smile:

Yo everyone, i share my clip with you all, hope you’ll like it ! (134m)

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Nice shot man! Good luck in the contest, and welcome to the forum!

Awesome shot man! Good luck in the contest!

Love this one! Thanks for sharing, and I echo @admin1 comments. Welcome to the forum

Thanks you all for this heartwarming welcome !