Battlefield Headshot Contest Competition

So, as many of you know, we love a good headshot in the Battlefield games, so we are challenging you the community to show us what you got. Here are some basic ground rules for your clip to be considered.

  1. The clip must be posted in this thread.
  2. The clip must not be over 30 seconds long
  3. The headshot must be over 100m long
  4. We do not care what Battlefield game this is in. Pick your poison.
  5. Bonus points will be added for “creative” headshots We will leave it up to you, to determine what we mean by creative.

The prize pool will be dictated by the number of entries. The larger the number of participants, the more $ that will be awarded. I will keep the competition open for two weeks. Starting now!

EDIT - Last day to enter is February 10th, with the winner being announced on Valentines Day


Are fellow admins of the Battlefield forum allowed to enter? I am pretty sure I have some good archived footage locked away somewhere.

Sorry, staff are not allowed, as it would bias the decision. I think what we will do it post a poll once all the entries are in, and allow this community to choose the winner, or winners.

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Good luck everyone!


What a shot! Wonder what the distance on that was…

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Sick shot! I headshot to a guy in a plane, from behind.

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Pilot and gunner both headshots I think

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YEah, I slowed it down to 0.25, and it looks like you are correct. Awesome headshots sir.


Like this ?


Is it just me, but I don’t see the headshot?

Yeah Bro’ 360°-Headshot ! GG

At least past 450 meters if i eyeball it i was freaking out when i hit this because it was my first shot at him


@BravoSnipes Nice shot. So casual about it also!

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Thanks you!! i love this game :facepunch:

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Here’s my triple collateral, I’ve been asked to post this here even though it’s below 100m.


WTF!!! That was epic man!!! Anything similar at a longer range?

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You and me both brother!

This is not an entry, but I wanted to share a cool shot I found on the interwebs.