Battlefield Videos

Yo, what’s up lads? I’m Raffy, and I recently got into making videos regarding Battlefield 1 and Star Wars: Battlefront news! I spent an entire day on creating this video, but anyways, hope y’all enjoy and let me know what you guys thing!

New to the forums, if you’d see fit to remove or relocate this thread, feel free to do so! Actually liking these forums and looking forward to the future :slight_smile:
Hope y’all enjoy the video!

Hey @Raffy welcome to the forums!

thanks for sharing the video. Like your explanation of what to expect in Battlefield 1

Hi @Raffy thanks for stopping by and posting your vid. :wink:

No problem @SkankwOn and I won’t be stopping by! I’ll be here for the long-run!

@Timelord_ thanks man! I did explain the basics of BF1, but my next video will definitely be more news oriented!

Definitely staying on these forums!

Be sure to let us know when your next video drops!

Sure will lad! And here it is:

Hope you folks enjoy the video!!