Battlefield Virtual Photography Contest

So, we successfully closed out on our Battlefield Headshot contest, and we are looking to move onto our next contest. The Battlefield Virtual Photography Contest. So, what is involved with the contest? Below are the rules?

  1. Your entry must be %100 original and created by you, the posted
  2. Each member of the forum is allowed one entry into the contest
  3. The contest opens today, March 30, 2021, and will close on May 15th, 2021.
  4. Each image must be posted (uploaded) directly to the forum with a brief description of the image 1-2 lines)
  5. The image must be in at least 1080P resolution
  6. As with the headshot contest, on May 10th, we will close general entries to the contest, and create a community poll to determine the final winner.
  7. The winner MUST be able to accept a pre-paid VISA card, as that will be the prize.
  8. Post your entry in this thread.

we need to create a new topic with the photo and description…sorry im new and newbie ahahahaha

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No problem man, and welcome to the forum! I have updated the rules to state that the entry should be posted in this thread!
Good luck.

Panzer IV repelling the British during the Battle of Hannut - Belgium, 1940, during the largest tank battle of the campaign.


A French soldier bayonet charging in Fort De Vaux. Battlefield 1

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Here’s my entry :wink:


Plane diving down onto enemies on Hamada.


That is awesome, it is almost like the tanks barrel is bending from the explosion.

Awesome work here with the colours. Battlefield continues to give, and give.

Wanna give us a quick description of the image?

Dude looks chill AF. All that is missing is a cigarete and some smoke rising from his lips

A little Metro shot.


He’s just waiting on the Battlefield Hype train to roll up :rofl: :rofl:

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Bro this is a great shot!

Essence of war

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Thanks man! It was one pretty powerful AP Round!

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Only one picture is allowed to be entered. Can you please remove the images you do not want to enter? Perhaps post them in this thread?


sorry my bed,i’ve just edit the post

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Sometimes, just stop for a while and admire the nature and objects that surround us.

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@cashplaybf You have to add a brief description of the image in order for it to count.

Sick shot by the way