Concept Page!

Okay, I was bored, and decided to remake the BattlefieldForum’s forum page into something a little bit more modern. Tell me what you think!

If you think I should remake another page with the same concept, feel free to let me know!

NOTE: This was created in Photoshop, and is not a functioning web page!

Looks good mate.

Do you have experience with skinning Xenforo forums?

Thanks for the feedback!
As for skinning Xenforo forums, sadly, no I have no experience with it. Sorry man!

@MineGG How are you at creating logos?

Nice work!

Me thinks that @MineGG is AFK

Well he’s peddling his services via Twitter, could try hit him up there.

What is his twitter name? Searched for @MineGG, but they look to be spammy accounts. Tweeted at one of them, so we will see :wink:

Thanks! Yeah that was the dude I tweeted. No response.

Hey! What’s your @?